Smogon Premier League VI - Week 4

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Tried to contact High Impulse to know when he'd be available, he has enough time to answer but apparently not to answer something that would make sence to schedule a game.
At least he's supposed to know when im available and when im not now, it's up to him to see if he wanna play this game or not, i did my job :]

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aug is having a rough week, so it was hard for him to schedule. i'm okay with that because i understand real life takes precedence, i'll be around irc all weekend. if it comes down to august just can't play, i trust ruiners will sub accordingly, but i'll try to get the match done.
gg aim & thanks for being accommodating w scheduling

btw I boomed bc im a dumb fuck and thought I won if it killed (turns out it doesn't kill 0 hp arc either but the timer was making me shit myself)
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